What is a WordPress pingback?

By June 19, 2015April 19th, 2018Website CMS WordPress

WordPress supports a feature called pingbacks, which can often result in annoying and/or confusing notifications. Here’s what pingbacks are and how to handle them.

A pingback is a special type of comment created on a blog post when another blog post links to it.

  • Blog A makes post A.
  • Blog B makes post B linking to post A. This sends a pingback to post A.
  • A special pingback comment will appear in the comment section of post A pending moderation.
  • The owner of blog A will receive a notification and be able to approve the pingback comment on post A if they wish.


Sometimes if you link to one of your own pages with the full link (e.g. “http://www.sitename.com.au/category/postname” rather than just “/category/postname”), this may result in a self-pingback, where post B sends a pingback to post A, but both posts are on the same blog.

This can be avoided by using the shortened URL (e.g. “/category/postname”), or by disabling pingbacks.

Disabling Pingbacks

Pingbacks can be disabled on the entire site under Settings > Discussion:

  • To stop sending pingbacks, uncheck “

They can also be disabled on a post-by-post basis by unchecking “Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page” under Discussion on Edit Post.

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