Domain name is like number plate of vehicle where each vehicle is identified by unique combination of letter and number which is registerd by the owner of the vehicle.

Domain Name

Domain Name:
A Domain Name is a unique name that you choose for your web site. All websites are identified only by their names called as domain names (e.g: zeumic.com.au, google.com).

The domain names have to be registered for having the ownership for that name. Domain name and ip addresses of web sites are managed by InterNIC.

Domain names are restricted to the letters a through z (case-insensitive), the digits 0 through 9, and the hyphen, with some other restrictions in terms of name length and position of hyphens.

Domain Name has two parts, name and extension. While user can choose any name for their domain, they can choose the extensions from the pre-defined combination.

Choosing Domain Name:

Follow the steps to choose a domain name.

a) Choose a name that is relevant to your business or your needs for website.

b) Choose the extensions that you might prefer eg. .com, .com.au, .org etc.

c) Check for the availability of the domain name in all preferred extensions.

d) It may already have been registered by other users. If it was not available for registration go for a different name.

Register Domain name:

a) How to register a domain name: Zeumic is a fully accredited domain name registrar, Just give your details to us and choose the name you wish to own. We will do the rest of the registration process.

b) The cost may vary depending on the TLD (.com/.net/etc..) also.

c) Once you have registered for a domain, it may take from 24 to 48 hours before the information gets updated universally in the whois database.

d) Once registration is completed you are the sole owner of the name till the registration period expires.

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