What You or Your Company Should Do Once SEO Systems are Setup

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What to do once SEO systems are setup on your website?

Content! Content! Content!

Establish Content with good keywords (words more readily searched) and titles. In simpler term create loads of content.
See also Content is King.

Suburb Specific Services

For suburb specific services consider making a service per suburb for every suburb you wish to service.


Zeumic can do copywriting for you if needed.
See Website Wizard > 3. Content > 3.3 Copywriting

Batch Paging

Zeumic can also do batch pages for geographic locations.
See Website Wizard > 3. Content

SEO Targetting

Once you have content you may want that content to be more competitive on a search result.

It is one thing to have SEO systems that will automatically assist you in a Google search but it is another thing to have a targeted page. A targeted page takes the content and becomes more specific for the page than an automatic system can provide, such as metadata, alt tags, images names, image titles, keyword variants, h1 h2 etc styles and strategic natural wording.

When SEO systems are combined with high quality content called SEO targetting of that content this will help to achieve the best result.

See Website Wizard > 6. SEO > 6.1 Targeted Page SEO

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