Why migrate PSTs to Google Apps, GMail, Calendar and Contacts?

By May 19, 2014April 19th, 2018Computer

When switching to a new technology, you may find that you will have large amount of residual, historic data left behind from your old systems. For example, switching from a dated Outlook system to a more advanced Google drive system.

While it may be tempting to disregard this old data, Zeumic firmly recommends that you import all historic data into your new system. This is a view supported by Google, who practice automatic backups of all data for their Google Apps Services.

Importing all historic data allows for the following advantages:

  • Fulfilling the need for historic data. While it may not seem important now, issues will often arise in the future which require the use of historic data. It is in those times that you don’t want to be fighting for it. Such examples include referring to previous emails, or recounting events which may be recorded in your calendar in PST files. Even old contacts may need to be used. As such these should be imported into your new system (such as Google Apps Services) from old backed up PST files.
  • Ensures that historic data is not accidentally wiped. If the new data is not imported, the computer in question can be possibly wiped, downgraded, upgraded, fails, ages or stolen. When this occurs, the data can never be recovered. When issues arrive in the future, you will be severely disadvantaged.
  • Ensures that historic data is not lost due to disposal. When a computer is disposed, it is expected that all historic data will be permanently wiped to ensure the privacy of the owners of the computer. Please see: Permanent Format Hard Drive Disk. This includes a large amount of personal data such as emails and contacts. If the data is not backed onto a cloud service such as Google Services, this data will be lost permanently.
  • Ensures that historic data is not lost due to aging. Inevitably, technology will age and come to pass, carrying along all the data stored with it. Emails backed up as PST files on an old laptop will only remain backed up so long as the laptop is functional, something which will eventually come to an end. As such, Zeumic strongly recommends that you import these into your new system.
  • Allows you to complete analysis on previous data, such as Calendar events and emails. This is a significant advantage that will come in handy when performing an analysis on your own company
  • Compromising integrity. If the data is not backed up onto a secure cloud system, the insecure PST files can easily be accessed and the integrity of the company infringed upon. The user of this data can compromise the integrity of the data, or use it to extort the company. By backing it up onto secure cloud service, the data will be accessible only by the right people.

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